Overall objectives:


         Launch the grid as efficiently as possible

         Enable those on longer tasks (750km or more) to launch earlier if needed

         Allow grid launch to take priority over all other launching for a reasonable period

         Thereafter allow a reasonable balance between grid launch and club/other operations.


Grid Launch Day:


         CFI will [where possible/reasonable] indicate likely "Grid launch" days via weather site

         If possible the notice will indicate briefing time and likely launch run.


Tug Operations:


         The committee has decided we will have 4 tugs in 2016, in the expectation that a minimum of 3 tugs in service/available at any one time. Note there may be periods when tugs are made available to other clubs for competitions, on a reciprocal basis for our own competitions

         [Robin] tug pilots on roster

         [Robin] ? midweek vs weekend



X/C Pilots - Preparation


         Pilots responsible for all appropriate preparations, DI, self-brief including NOTAM

         Assume grid before brief unless otherwise instructed

         All pilots who wish to participate in the grid are expected to attend the briefing if applicable



X/C Briefing


         This will include Met, Task setting, NOTAM (for set tasks), church notices eg in-flight frequency

         Tasks to take into account of range of pilot abilities

         Any pilots with 'special' requirements - badge/record attempts etc to identify themselves and any appropriate assistance given - including launch priority if appropriate.

         Indicate likely 1st launch time

         Appoint LaunchMaster for the day


Grid Etiquette


         Grid position as nominated by CFI for respective launch run

         No gilder to be positioned on grid until DI is completed, other preparation can be done on grid

         Each pilot to complete x/c sheet (including retrieve arrangements)

         No gliders to join the grid once launching has commenced.


Grid launch


         Grid master will announce 1st launch giving 15minute warning - to be announced over radio

         Pilots not on the 1st [and 2nd?] rows are expected to help with ropes/launching etc.

         Grid master will allocate tugs, generally on the order of grid position but launch efficiency will take priority.

         Pilots who have chosen to join in the grid must launch with the grid. Pilots are expected to be ready to launch when the tug arrives.

         Any pilot unable or unwilling to launch must be moved promptly to the back of the grid (as in competitions).


Club Operations


         Launch Priority: the x/c grid launch will normally have exclusive use of the tugs for the first hour of launching

         Once one hour has elapsed (or earlier if the grid launch has completed) the duty instructor has the authority to divert some of the aerotow capacity to launching the club gliders.

         Once all gliders on the x/c grid have launched, club and private gliders launching, aerotow or winch will revert to normal operations under the control of the duty instructor